Toro Sushi

Sushi oh sushi oh sushi, you tend to be one of my splurge weaknesses.

Toro Sushi is my hands down favorite sushi place in Chicago. It is this tiny, BYOB place on Clark street in Lincoln Park and has the best shark mural on it’s wall that I have ever seen (sorry forgot to take a picture of that beauty)! Usually this place is packed everyday of the week so the wait can be rather long, but well worth it. This time I sat at the sushi bar and was immediately greeted with a fist bump by this guy:

He was pretty fun and engaging to be eating around. After the people next to us asked him to “surprise them” he made them the dish in the first picture I posted above. They told him to “give them something that would wow them,” and he topped that off with flecks of gold from a little flask, told them to enjoy, and said it was a “secret creation,” and wouldn’t tell them the what they were eating. I still don’t know what they ate but it sure was pretty and they said that it was delish.

My friend and I started out with an order of edamame, as I always do before a sushi dinner.

Next we ordered the Kamikaze Roll that was made with tuna, yellowtail, super white tuna, salmon, tilapia, sunflower seeds and spicy mayo. Lots of fish! We didn’t expect it to come out in the presentation that it did but it turned out to be our favorite of the night. I found myself stealing the last piece from my friend…whoops!

Next roll that came was the Southern Gals… gotta get at least ONE deep fried roll! This one had deep fried spicy tuna, mozzarella, scallions, sesame seeds and unagi sauce. One thing I like about this place is that they are not afraid to experiment with non-traditional sushi ingredients , a.k.a the mozzarella, which added a whole new level of awesome-ness to this roll.

Last but not least was the Oh My God Roll. That had tempura shrimp, kani salad, cream cheese, mango, cucumber, avocado, tempura crumbs and some sort of “tiffany” sauce.” I love my spicy foods so I loaded this one up with wasabi.  Another winner. Seriously, you cannot go wrong here!

Every time I come I try to order something new so next time I’ll be sure to update with other awesome rolls from Toro. Finishing this post I realize I have been out to a lot of splurge meals lately….next post to come will be a healthy, home cooked meal! Hopefully any Sushi-lovin’ Chicagoan has gone here because it is for sure the best in the town!


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