Chicago Restaurant Week – Union Sushi + Barbecue Bar


Chicago Restaurant Week is upon us! That wonderful time of year when many restaurants in the city of Chicago gather their favorite menu items and put the choices on their pre-fixed menus. $22 for lunches and $33 or $44 for dinners. It’s a great way to try some of the great places to eat for a more affordable price. Two of my friends and I went to Union Sushi and Barbecue Bar on Friday night for the perfect start to February. Between the three of us we got to try almost every item on their Restaurant week menu…here are the highlights!

Some silky smooth miso soup.


Truffled tuna with avocado and wonton chips.


Black pepper shrimp. Had a really good punch of heat in each bite.


And my favorite of the appetizers was the Cobia Carpaccio. How pretty is this?! It was very citrus-y with grapefruit and orange flavors that really made the dish taste fresh and awake.


One of the main courses we tried was the Surf and Turf with beef, jumbo shrimp and sweet potato cream


And we also got the sushi platter with the Black Rice Tuna roll and the Shrimp Tempura roll. Both were awesome and I loved trying black rice sushi for the first time.


Here is J from the lifestyle blog Lace and Lacquer enjoying her sushi.


For dessert we enjoyed a “Killer Yuzu Pie,” which was much like a key lime pie, as well as a Pumpkin Mochi Cake that had cream cheese ice cream, caramel and pumpkin brittle.


Go here. It’s real tasty.


One thought on “Chicago Restaurant Week – Union Sushi + Barbecue Bar

  1. Reblogged this on lace & lacquer and commented:
    Chicago Restaurant Week! We plan on going to several restaurants around Chicago this week to try all the amaze food, we’ll post about each one we eat at! Here’s a great sushi place that J went to last Friday night for a fun (and delish) girls night!

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