Little Goat

An hour wait? No problem! As long as I get to try Stephanie Izard’s new restaurant Little Goat. Located across the street from her now famous Girl and the Goat, this place is set up diner style, but with Izard’s own flair planted on the design and menu items. All traditional foods you’d find at any average diner come with a spin at this place. Think pork and toffee milkshake or sloppy joes with goat meat. Everything we ended up ordering was a-maz-ing, I just wish we had the stomach space to try more!




“The Little Goat” Coffee was rich and creamy and made with steamed goat’s milk.


The spiced apple pancake with cream cheese butter and oatmeal crumble was just….decadent!


Gluten free sourdough pancakes for my gluten free friend!


“Los Drowned” with braised beef, avocado, buttercase cheese, pickle and spicy mayo on a hoagie. This came with a delish au jus type dipping sauce.


Of course had to get the side of mac and cheese with breadcrumbs for the table! No complaints, no complaints at all.


And last but not least was my order: Chicken Cordon Bleu with breaded chicken, ham, brie cheese sauce, kraut, and pickled peppers on a homemade potato bun. Even though this was probably the messiest sandwich I’ve ever had, so messy a fork and knife were definitely necessary, every bite was so well balanced and tasty that the mess stopped mattering. I loved it all.


You can really tell that Stephanie puts her heart and soul and creating each and every dish. This is a place where you can really taste the passion!


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